Strategy, Advertising, Development and Planning

Social Media Channel Strategy & Advertising, Content Development & Planning

Social media marketing supercharges our traditional marketing methods increasing both brand awareness and consumer engagement.

We harness social trends to propel your digital strategy

Our tried and tested social marketing methods achieve great results when incorporated as part of our overarching approach to digital marketing. Borrowing concepts from our digital marketing strategy, social media marketing allows brands to target and capture an audience like never before.

Our approach to social media marketing includes various steps which enlist the expertise of various members of the Brand Services team including design, concept, account management and strategists. Our social media strategy involves content development, planning and advertising and forms an important part of any brand awareness campaign.

We will drive continuous
improvement and introduce
seamless workflow processes

Our Measurement of Success will be our deliverables in:


Content Development

Developing engaging content inline with campaign goals


Account Management

Management of brief, approval, publishing and advertising



Developing concepts into design for various channels

Our Service Methodology At A Glimpse

Adding Value along the Supply Chain
Implementing Technology & Innovation
Ensure Supply Quality & Deliverables
Monitoring the Business & Continuous Improvement