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February 16, 2021 -

Benefits of Using Point of Sale Signage 


From business owners to retail assistants, many people working in the retail space will be aware of the benefits of using signage to communicate with consumers. Persuasive point of sale marketing materials will grab customers’ attention and draw them in, alerting them to special offers and sales happening either instore or online. This is an example of a visual merchandising tactic employed to target customers at the transactional point of purchase, as a way of encouraging them to purchase items in addition to what they have come into the store for or what they came to browse a website for.


One of the major reasons many businesses favour the use of POS signage is because it’s a highly effective way of increasing sales. But there is the growing challenge of managing information and people, which means that generation of effective point of sale materials is paramount to success in this area. There are several benefits to utilising point of sales materials, which we’ll go into more detail about below.



POS signage is an example of wayfinding in that it can help customers navigate the space that they are in, directing them to the aisle or location that is relevant to their purchasing needs. It can also alert them to special promotions or sale items, and this can apply to online or instore. Consumers will be able to find their way around without having to ask someone to point them in the right direction.



Effective use of point of sale signage attracts and entices people into a store, and one of the main ways this can be done is by promoting offers and advertising sales and discounts. Once people have entered your retail space, additional signage alerting them to these promotions or sales will remind them of what is on offer even if staff aren’t able to interact with customers right away.



Effective communication with consumers is crucial, therefore any signage that can help facilitate that communication is undoubtedly going to help your business. This is particularly important if staff members aren’t always able to be found immediately, for example, if they are helping another customer or busy with another task. 



POS signage is a fantastic opportunity to set your business apart from competitors as well as show off your unique and individual flare when it comes to creative branding. The right point of sale sign can divert consumers away from the competition and push them to engage with your business. It also grants your business the freedom to be imaginative and explore fun and fresh ideas.


Cross-market with complementary businesses 

Business partnerships are a great way for businesses to leverage company strengths as well as utilise customer bases. If you’re a small business such as a gift shop, you might look to partnering up with local florists and bakeries to promote each other’s businesses. Particularly in the lead up to big holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.


Lead and customer retention 

If you’re able to promote your business through things like social media and get your customers to interact with your store, this will strengthen your ability to create leads and retain customers. You can also encourage consumers to enter competitions and sign up for newsletters with POS signage.


These are just a handful of ways that your business could benefit from using point of sale marketing materials which are an effective tool to have at your disposal. They not only benefit your business but your customer base as well, so it’s a win-win.


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February 16, 2021