How to Increase ROI From Your Point of Sale Marketing Investment

June 14, 2021 -

How to Increase ROI From Your Point of Sale Marketing Investment

Your marketing campaign does not need to end once a customer has made their selection and is on their way to the register. Point of sale marketing materials, or marketing that occurs at the register or other point where customers purchase products, can persuade customers to buy more or turn one-time visitors into repeat customers.

Ideally, you want your POS marketing to generate as much revenue as possible. Here are a few ideas for maximising the effectiveness of your signage and increasing your ROI.

Improve Customer Experience

One of your priorities as a business owner should be to facilitate as smooth of an experience as possible for your customers. If they are lost in the store or cannot locate a staff member for assistance, they are more likely to abandon their purchases and not come back.

Clear signage pointing out points of interest in your shop, such as fitting rooms, sales racks, and the registers, will create a more pleasant shopping experience for customers. A cute “back soon!” sign is far more welcoming to a shopper than an empty register. Improving the user experience in your shop will improve revenue.

Promote Sales

Many impulse buys happen on the way to the cash register. Strategically placed signage communicating generous sales can increase revenue.

The best way to use offer-based POS marketing is to be mindful of location. Signage in your windows or outside your store can draw customers inside, while more signs inside your store, particularly before the cash register, can remind people about the sale and encourage impulse purchases.

Promote Community

POS marketing doesn’t have to be used just to encourage sales, it can be used to build up the community around your business. A sign near the register reminding people to sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media can turn one-time visitors into loyal customers.

Point of sale marketing can also help you build connections with local businesses. Marketing materials encouraging customers to support another local business that fills a gap your business lacks, while they do the same, can help you build a partnership and encourage customers to frequent both establishments.

Create Your Visual Identity

Point of sale marketing materials are a good opportunity to reinforce your brand’s visual identity inside the store. Maintaining a consistent yet unique colour palette, font, design, and more for POS materials and other marketing will strengthen the associations with your business in the minds of customers.

Paying attention to the branding of your POS materials will show your customers that you appreciate details and have a flair for creativity. Customers are more likely to return to businesses that have shown meticulous preparation in every aspect of their operations.

Point of sale marketing materials are an excellent opportunity to communicate with customers, upsell by pointing them to offers, and build connections that last even after they make their purchases. By maintaining a varied strategy and emphasising a consistent brand identity, you can improve the ROI of your marketing.