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How to Energise a Rebrand With Promotional Merchandise

January 29, 2021 -

As Tyler Durden philosophises in Chuck Palahnuik’s Fight Club: “Nothing is static. Everything is evolving.” With the world we live in in constant flux, if a company reaches a point where they feel that their brand image no longer represents them, it makes sense to rebrand. Although rebranding is something that should be carefully considered, it can be done in many ways and promotional products Australia wide and beyond can be the key to rebrand success.

In recent years, many people have been focusing their efforts on online and digital methods, often neglecting physical promotional products in the process. But promotional merchandise isn’t something that should be overlooked. Branded giveaway items are important elements of any company’s marketing efforts. The goal here is to create brand appeal by promoting a product or service in order to attract new customers as well as retain loyal clients. This method of advertising is a powerful marketing tool that still has an impact on the marketplace.

Reasons for a Rebrand

Brands might choose to rebrand a small part of their business, or they might choose to opt for a full overhaul in order to ensure that all elements of the company emulate their ethos and values. Things that might change can include aesthetic features like company name, brand logo, tone of voice and brand colours as well as more fundamental ideals and principles that lie at the core of a brand.

There are many valid reasons for initiating a rebrand. If you’re a business owner who has recently acquired a new brand, you might want to change up how marketing is approached within the company. For an established brand, you might be ready to target a new audience or demographic, or sell new products or services to your customers. This could be in the form of expanding into international territory, where a rebrand means effectively appealing to new customers in a fresh market. Or perhaps your company’s values are not currently being adequately communicated and you want to move in a different direction. By repositioning your brand in the marketplace, you can reinvent your brand identity in order to stay relevant and be seen to be moving with the times.

How Promotional Merchandise can Help

Promotional products will sit on someone’s desk or be in their possession for an average of eight months, although some gifted items can be used for years. That’s way longer than a pop-up or PPC ad on a website. Consider how many other people might see or be gifted these promotional products as well.

There are many positive benefits to pushing out your branding message via promotional products. In the US, promotional merchandise is the seventh largest marketing channel. A major reason that promotional products are remarkably popular is because of their physicality. Over time, people have learned to tune out other types of advertising because our environments are so saturated with ads. Promotional items on the other hand still retain impact and are unique because they are tangible objects with a certain novelty factor that people can handle and use.

Examples of Branded Merchandise

There are a wealth of options out there when it comes to branded giveaway items. Some examples of free gifts and products include: custom apparel and accessories such as t-shirts, caps and bags; glassware and mugs; umbrellas and office equipment such as pens, keychains and magnets.

Giving out logo-branded merchandise is one of the best ways to increase brand awareness and generate leads. As we’ve already touched on, many clients will hold onto promotional merchandise for months. This repeat exposure will come at a relatively low cost to your business. Promotional merchandise ends up being more cost-effective per impression compared with other forms of advertising.

Research is crucial here and companies will need to consider what their customer or client might appreciate receiving. Branded gifts should align with company messaging, where it’s important not to devalue a brand with cheap promotional products that won’t be useful or meaningful to customers.