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A key promotion for for our retail client is their Spring Campaign, promoting new ranges, great pricing and something for everyone’s garden.

They require Brand Services to produce a range of printed collateral based on their artwork, ensuring colour and print specifications met brand guidelines and complied with quality requirements.

They required us to pack and distribute to 661 stores nationwide based on the allocation list provided by client


Brand Services delivered all collateral on time and within budget.

The packing component totaled 125 hours of labour with up to 6 staff working at any one time.


Spring campaign consisted of the following components:

A1 posters

  • Qty 5755
  • Made up of 10 kinds of artwork

Promo Tags

  • Qty 12459
  • Made up of 11 kinds of artwork

Counter Mat

  • Qty 688

Hot Spot Floor Display

  • Qty 561

A4 Strut Card for Counter

  • Qty 594


A4 and DL Price Cards

  • Qty 3204
  • Made up of 5 kinds of art

A4 Brochure

  • Qty 1106

Cut out Moustache

  • Qty 5620

Tin Wrap

  • Qty 594


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