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Breaking Down Our Campaign Fulfilment Services

June 30, 2021 -

We get a lot of enquiries about our fulfilment warehouse services; it’s often one of the first things growing businesses seek to outsource, and if you choose the right organisation to work with, you’ll find yourself with a lot more room to breathe and wondering why you didn’t make the move earlier. 


But there’s a lot that falls under the umbrella of campaign fulfilment, and it’s easy to get confused about what each component entails. In this blog, we walk you through the various facets of campaign fulfilment that we offer at Brand Services, so you’ll have a good idea of what we do and don’t do for your business before you have to pick up the phone or send that first email.


Campaign Kitting

Kitting basically refers to the process of organising all the assets of your campaign so that they appear as a coherent and unified package. This helps cement your brand for the end user, adds professionalism, and raises brand awareness. For example, if your logo changes, you want it updated in all places at once; having a different logo or message appearing on your Instagram page than the one that appears on your shipped products will create confusion. At Brand Services, we make sure your brand and campaigns are consistent across all platforms.


Pick & Pack

Picking and packing is exactly what it sounds like; we pick the items from your catalogue and group them together to ship to the end user. Having a dedicated team to perform this task saves time and money and ensures your items are shipped in a reliable, uniform manner.


Drop Shipping

Rather than having products stocked on your store’s shelves, drop shipping is a method of order fulfilment where the items are purchased from a third-party supplier and then sent directly to the customer from the warehouse. With drop shipping, the retailer never actually handles the items; it is all organised by the fulfillment service provider.


Inventory Management

An umbrella term within an umbrella term, inventory management can cover a lot of different facets of order fulfilment and warehousing. Essentially though, it refers to the system you use to keep track of and manage your stock. Inventory management usually encompasses purchasing, production, holding stock, sales, and reporting; the more closely integrated each of these steps, the better the system will work.


Postage & Freight Systems

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but getting it right takes a lot of organisation and teamwork. As with inventory management, the better integrated your postage and freight system is with the other components of your order fulfillment system, the better it will work.


Returns Management

All retail businesses need to deal with returns, and how well they do that is often what makes or breaks a customer’s impression of your organisation; if the process is smooth and easy, they’ll probably return in the future; if it’s drawn out and tedious, you can count on some terrible Google reviews. We have a streamlined and integrated system for returns processing and logging.


Contact Brand Services Today

Hopefully we’ve provided a little clarity on the whole order fulfilment business, and we’ve already covered in previous blogs how outsourcing order fulfilment can help your business save time and money while it grows. If you’re ready to make the jump or still unsure but want some more concrete details, go ahead and pick up the phone or send us an email, our friendly team members are always ready to talk.