10 Ideas for Corporate Merchandise

August 25, 2021 -

In our last blog, we discussed promotional branding and gave you some tips on what to consider when making your own corporate merchandise. In this blog, we’ll look at 10 ideas for specific branded products and discuss what makes each an attractive choice for you and your customers, as well as what industry, sector, and customer type they are best suited to.


Pens have long been the go-to choice for corporate merchandising. There’s a good chance you already have one somewhere around your home or office, and they’re probably the first item you think of in this context. They’re a popular choice because they are a handy item to have and are therefore likely to remain close at hand for months or even years after they’ve been distributed. They are also easy and affordable to produce – depending of course on the kind of pen you choose. As mentioned in our previous blog, you should avoid going with the cheapest option as poor-quality pens won’t write well, will feel uncomfortable or cheap to hold, and are more prone to leaking. No one wants their brand associated with low-quality items.

Wireless Earphones

These were the promotional item par-excellence in 2020, and they remain popular in 2021. Another item that’s likely to get regular, even daily use in a corporate setting, especially in today’s world of social distancing and back-to-back Zoom meetings. A pair of quality wireless earphones (and they really should be high quality, as having them conk out in the middle of an important meeting is not the best way to build brand confidence) will set you back more than some of the simpler items like tote bags and sticky notes, but if done properly it will be worth the investment.

Sticky Notes

Another corporate merchandising staple, sticky notes are usually used as reminders of important tasks, meaning the user will aim to place them somewhere in their line of sight so they won’t be forgotten or overlooked. If that sticky note has your logo in the corner, it’s easy to see how they will help build brand awareness.

Thermal Water Bottles 

These are items that your customers are likely not just to keep on their desks but actually to carry around town with them – to meetings, the gym, and corporate events. This gives your brand extra visibility, so we suggest you make your logo big enough to catch the eye of someone sitting across the table at a boardroom. If, that is, you have a recognisable and attractive logo, which is definitely something to settle on before you start creating promotional merchandise in the first place. They are also an environmentally sustainable option, as they encourage the user to dispense with single-use plastic bottles, meaning your promotional items reduce the amount of cheap, dispensable items in the world rather than adding to it. Which brings us neatly to our final corporate merchandise idea…

Recycled Promotional Items

Creating promotional merchandise made from recycled materials has a number of benefits. Number one, you get to save the planet! Ok, maybe overstating it a bit. You get to say you’re doing your bit to prevent pollution and reduce waste. Number two, you get to be SEEN to be saving the planet. Studies have repeatedly shown the importance customers place on values and reputation for the companies they engage with, and the vast majority will feel better about your business if they can see that you’re socially minded and ethical. Lastly, it’s a conversation starter. You’ll be able to explain the product to your customers and why it’s important, and they’ll then be able to share that information with the next person they speak to who asks them about that stylish pen or tote bag.

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